About us

Villas of Croatia is a small and enthusiastic team of young people that were brought together for a purpose. It was no coincidence that each of us with our unique background and distinctiveness were united in one single idea- to start and develop a custom made authentic Croatian villa company that would show the world what Croatia is really about.  

During the year when you think about the upcoming summer and dream about an escape from your daily routines, when blue is in your mind and you can sense the summer breeze on your skin, when you can taste the rich bouquets of red wine on your lips, think about us...think about Croatia.

One similarity every member of our team shares is a talent to explore and enjoy in everything this world can give us, from a pebble on the beech to a slow stroll through ancient walls of Dubrovnik, from the smell of coffee and fresh buns early in the morning to burlesque summer nights. This talent enables us to offer you a unique concept and help you create priceless memories of moments spent with your loved ones embedded in a vacation you did not even dare to dream about.

So what can you expect?

Allow us to spoil you with our exquisite and seductive villas on the Mediterranean Sea, as it once was; unspoiled, wild and serene.  Allow us to favour you with heavenly tastes of fresh Dalmatian food, enchant you with hedonistic tastes of supreme wines.  Allow us to show you wonders of nature, ever-changing shades of blue in our waters, thickness of springs and waterfalls. Allow us to take you to at least one of 1300 islands and show you a way of life where there is no such thing as time, a world where you will forget what day of the week is, a world where you will wish to stay, and when it traps you, we will be there to take you back to the reality of mainland. 

Allow us to assist you and enrich your life with new experiences, prepare local food that has been there for centuries with the best Chefs of Croatia on your side, sail for a day or two, learn how to dive and listen to a new sound of silence in the depths of the sea, become a surfer for a day, an expert of Croatian culture, an explorer of history. Try what you always wanted to try, or lie on the beach and relax with a cocktail in your hand and sunscreen on it. Give your children a gift of different outdoor activities; make them feel the nature around them and then during the night allow our nannies to take care of them, so you can explore all the wonders of warm summer nights.

Now is the time to do something for yourself and your family and instead of constantly saying “next year” as we all do, begin the adventure of a lifetime and transform dreams into memories.