Croatia in brief

CROATIA…a horseshoe or boomerang – shaped country, offers visitors natural and historical bounty; Croatia, a blend of art, culture, with a rich history dating back to the 7th Century, “Heaven on Earth” has been described in many books, paintings, “God wanted to crown his creation, so on the last day he created the Croatian Adriatic from his tears, the stars and sea breeze”, wrote an author long ago about the splendor of this most beautiful and preserved corner of the modern world.

Why choose Croatia?

Croatia cast its eyes beyond the breathtaking long beaches, rocky mountains, fervent summers, lush landscapes and dramatic coastlines with shimmering deep blue sea, dreamy islands, hidden coves and unique city monuments and picturesque towns. Croatia has turned the vacations of many travelers into an exceptionally beautiful dream. Every other visit discovers more of the diversity, blessedness and hospitality of this land. Croatia’s pleasures are timeless. Vital and energized, a stunningly beautiful country, it’s a miracle of resurrection!

Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations: Croatian Coast

Join Tony in his travels to Croatia. Watch him hunt for truffles, fish for tuna and mussels, taste test centuries old wines and cheeses, get hungover, try out various delicacies and seafood dishes from the Croatian coast and more.

Ashley Colburn - WOW Croatia

Ashley Colburn has won a prestigious Emmy Award for her documentary "WOW Croatia".  From the historical walls of Dubrovnik to the markets and ties of Zagreb - get ready for a first class exploration of as Ashley says «One of the most beautiful countries she visited.».



Ante created this amazing video with his friends while touring Croatia's coast in Summer 2014. This has been by far one of the best promotional videos ever created about croatia and it was all done with a GoPRO Camera. WELL DONE ANTE!!!.